Hoping to reach others, in learning the ways of becoming self sufficient, learn the ways of frugal living, and help each other and others in any way we can!


All of our members can post their links and websites, and contact info here, with a description of what they sell!!
I am Brandy, and I sell Gold Canyon Candles, Enchanted Potions and I sell RADA for RSD. (RADA is strictly for fundraising!!)
My links are;
Enchanted Potions  
If you are ordering online for enchanted potions, please enter, Brandy Oliver, as your seller! Monthly specials and free gifts with purchase, are only available when ordering directly through me!
Gold Canyon Candles 

RADA for RSD  Please enter account #503461 and our PW is rada4rsd

I run monthly specials and deals, and you have to order directly thru me for these deals. You can place your order thru my email at busymommylist@yahoo.com, or thru my Facebook contact me page, and I will place the order for you, sign you up for my email deal newsletters, and if you collect orders, you can earn free products!!!
Gold Canyon Candles are the best candles I have personally ever used! I can honestly say that they have better scents, longer lasting candles, then even Yankee Candles!!
Enchanted Potions lotions and bath products are amazing!! You can customize mostly all of their products with your choice of scents!!
They do make these products to order, so it may take a couple weeks until you receive your order, but you will definately find out that it was well worth your wait!!!
RADA is an excellent company that sells knives, stoneware, spatulas, dip mixes, candles, chip clips, pan scrapers (these are awesome! They saved me tons of times!!!), all kinds of kitchen products!! I am currently doing a fundraiser for RSD, a disorder that I personally deal with every minute of my life, and I want to help others who suffer as well! The proceeds from RADA sales, will go to RSDSA, for RSD research and awareness!!!

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