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These links are all for sites that I have personally used in the past, (and still do!), to earn points to trade in for gift cards, or actual checks!
Some pay better then others, and some may seem like it takes you forever to build up enough to start earning, but even if you do only earn $50 or $100 a year, it's still much better then nothing!!
I would recommend opening a new email just for these sites! I wouldn't use my personal email!
The more active you are and the more emails you open and click on the links, and the more surveys you try, the more they will send you!!
I also never give my bank info, cell phone number, house phone number, credit card info, any personal info, to anybody! Never start free trials! It will take you forever to reverse bank fees, and that is even if they approve it!
All of the sites and links I am sharing with you have been personally tested by me! I have never had an issue with the actual emails, surveys, or sites themselves, However, there are some that may send you an email for a new site that says they will pay you to do whatever, JUST OPEN THE EMAIL TO COLLECT YOUR EARNINGS< AND CLOSE IT BACK OUT!!!
I do not trust all of he affiliates these sites will send you, and the sites themselves will tell you that they are not responsible!!!!
Like I said, please at least open up the paid email, and close it back up, You will still earn credit for doing this.
Another way to earn extra cash and points, is to sign up or register for newsletters for different companies. I have never had a problem with these, I may just delete them each day, but I still received the earnings for signing up.
Another way to earn through sites like these, is by printing and redeeming coupons! That is one of the easiest ways to earn. Most will give you 10 cents per coupon redeemed!
If you shop online, (I highly suggest this, as there re lots and lots of much better deals then what you can find at an actual store! Especially places like Amazon!) these sites will pay you cash back!!! (or pay you in points), But you should always go through one of these sites to find the better payout for wherever it is you are shopping at!
You can click on the names, and register to start earning!

Inbox Pays
Creations Rewards
Send Earnings
Inbox Dollars
Opinion Outpost
Crowd Tap

Another cool way to get free products and products for next to nothing, is through the Groupon type sites!
These sites usually always give you a credit when you sign up that you can use immediately! They will have super awesome offers for products, services, at a very very low price. For example, some of these sites will sell you a gift card for CVS. Let's say the gift card value is $20, well you might pay $10 for this card, and if you are a new member, or earned credits, you simply use those credits towards that purchase!
Dominos Pizza, Subway, CVS, are all just some of the companies that promote through these sites. I have purchased vouchers for $50 gift cards for $20, used a $10 credit and only paid $10, and got a free shipping deal along with this code! These sites also offer virtually anything you can think of, kids clothes, furniture, candy, kitchen items, and much more, at very awesome low prices!!
You should sign up for all of them, and at least take the free credits!
The following links are all these types of sites! Again, use your new email, because you will be receiving daily emails to notify you of deals! (These deals change every day and every few days, they will tell you how many hours or days are left for these deals.) Once you make your purchase, you will receive your printable voucher within a couple days and you can use it right away! Just click the links and register to receive your credits!!

Another fun way to earn free products, are with the brands that you use each day!
Pampers, Huggies, there are quite a few who will have points on the package, or offers, and you start an account and submit your purchases, codes, etc. You can then turn these in for free products! Toys, coupons, gift cards, dvd's, lots of different things! You can let this add up throughout the year, and redeem them for Christmas gifts, and maybe you will not have to worry about where the money will come for gifts!!
Some of my favorites are; (you can click on the names/links, and register!)