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Friday, October 7, 2011

Meeting Scheduled for November 5th at 2pm

Yay! We have our next meeting scheduled, and that will be at 2pm on November 5th!
At Shady Tree Daycare!
Again, so far we have Crunchmasters gluten free snack crackers for a sampling, and I think we may have another real cool event for the kids, I'm not sure exactly yet when and if we were approved, but I will have details posted as soon as I get them!
We may also have some extra MAM products for those that are new to our group, or haven't received any yet!
If you can think of anything that we can add to our meeting, please comment here!!
I was thinking of maybe trying to fit November 26th in as well, just so maybe we can figure out Christmas plans for gathering things to donate to the church, and I am working on getting business cards made up for us to hand out to try and grab new members!!
I know this is a holiday weekend, and it may be hard for all of us to meet that weekend, please let me know of any other ideas any of you may have!!!

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