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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Next Meeting Lineup so Far

We do have a Crunchmasters sampling opportunity.
This company makes gluten free snacks! My husband was recently diagnosed with with Celiac Disease, and we have been having a hard time trying to find awesome tasting crackers for him! So, hopefully these are it!!
I am doing my best to get another sampling for us as well!
I am also going to be posting the websites that promote through groups like these, that way if a few of us apply for samplings, we may get plenty more!!
We also need to set up a refreshment schedule. Whether it is something purchased or something homemade, we should have a couple members at a time scheduled for this, just in case something happens that somebody can't make it, but I'm sure we will be fine having more snacks;p
We also need to discuss what we can do to help local families in need for the holidays. If there is also any members that are in need of any help, please message Brandy or Natosha, this can be kept private, that will be no problem. But we want to make sure everybody in our group is taken care of for Christmas gifts for their children, toiletries, household products and food. We also would like to do our best to donate items to a local church who will distribute these to families in need, or the Upper Daulphin School, or families that any of us know personally! I'd like to discuss all of this in our November meeting!
It may end up that we need 3 more meetings before Christmas, please comment with any suggestions on this, and if that will fit your schedules! I think 2 hrs per meeting should be a decent time frame, please also let me know what you think!!
Comment with anything else we should cover at our next meeting, and we can all take a part in what we can accomplish!
I will probably have plenty of coupons, and I think it would be neat if we start a short schedule of our "learning" portion of the meeting, that way we can all plan on teaching the rest of us how to do whatever it is you do that we can all benefit from;p
Like I said before, I have been a mom and a bartender for more then half my life. I have also been a couponer, deal hunter, etc, for more then 20 years. Other then that, I am fairly good at networking, finding crazy deals online, and in stores, and cooking and baking. I do make some real awesome fudge and cookies! LOL! I am only about 6 years into the online earning opportunities, but I can offer a lot of advice on this, as well as the links I will be posting here on our site! I am also good at finding great gift ideas for the lowest prices possible, as well as creating menu plans that accomodate families of any size and budget. (and yes, I usually have lots of extra coupons to share), and I work only weekends, so, I am always able to update our site and Facebook, especially since I am already on here for my own business.
Oh, my husband is real good at fixing vw's and making them look super cool, and he can do a lot of different repairs and oil changes, some with the help of his friend and a code reader, on any vehicle;p
So, just to try to implement the "trade" or "barter" part of our group, I will use this as an example....
My husband will say, change the oil in your vehicle for, a few jars of salsa and pasta sauce that you made! Or, I might create a menu for a month with recipes for your family, or grab your monthly coupon deals when I run and do my own trips, for a case of beer! (Ok, well, I guess maybe that should be the other way around) But, I figure you know what I mean, lol.
The next part I would love to get finished right away, is if you are a crafter, a small business, or a direct seller, (ie; Mary Kay, Avon, etc), there is a tab named, "BUY AND SELL" Please, add your info here!! If you have a banner or ad, you are more then welcome to place that on our home page too!! I would personally rather buy from somebody I knew personally, rather then somebody else. Plus I like to help friends and family, and this is 1 way of doing this.
I believe this is long enough, and I have lots of tabs to fill out! (and lots of housework, laundry and errands and a dinner to make) lol, so I will end this post here! Please comment away!!!

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