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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our New Name

We decided that a name that does not leave anybody out, (dads, grandparents, teens, singles) this way, nobody will feel "wierd" or "goofy" joining a mommy group, or I guess I should say, a "Not Just 4 Moms" group.
Thanks to Joellen, for the awesome idea for our name!

Please contact me with your email if I do not already have it, and I will be sending administrator emails to everybody in the group. This way we can all post and add what we would like to make note of!
We can also start planning our November meeting, and hopefully bring new people along!!
I apologize for this not being completely filled in yet, I will be working on this blog pretty much every week. That way I can get all of the info and links that I have to share, to help everybody start the "online" process, with earning, and freebies!
If you are not a member, and you found us on Facebook, or heard about us from a friend, please leave your email under the JOIN US tab, or email me at busymommylist@yahoo.com!
We are always happy for new members!!

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